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Exclude Directories when Using Tar

by Wojjie (2011-11-27)
When performing regular back ups on a Linux server, "tar" is a very useful tool. To save time and space, you may want to exclude some directories. 

Internet Explorer 6&7 Bug/Crash

by Wojjie (2006-10-30)
Using DOM, setTimeout causes a crash in IE6 & 7 

Memcached: cacheing objects to memory

by Wojjie (2006-02-02)
One method of optimizing your site is to implement some form of cacheing, wether it be pre rendering data to html files, or using memory to temporarily store objects that are requested frequently 

Web font listings and previews

by Wojjie (2005-07-01)
A quick reference of fonts available for various browsers with previews of how the font looks like in your own browser. 

Checking your site before it goes live [Windows]

by Wojjie (2005-04-16)
You want to test out your website before the domain resolves but are not sure how to do it. One way is to request a temporary subdomain from your host, or to setup your machine to resolve the domain to the correct IP before the actual DNS servers are updated. This article does just that, it tells you how to edit your hosts file. 

Quick MySQL Cheat Sheet/Quick Reference

by Wojjie (2005-03-14)
There are various little details that I always end up having to lookup on the MySQL documentation, so I thought I would put together a 'Cheat Sheet' and make it publicly available for all to use. This 'Cheat Sheet' will be updated constantly. 

CPanel & Fantastico: SourceGuardian ixed Error & Solution

by Wojjie (2005-02-28)
CPanel seems to disable SourceGuardian frequently when updating (which disables Fantastico), this how-to gives the steps necessary to get it working again. 

Removing Filenames and Directories That Have No Name

by Wojjie (2005-02-18)
Operating an open ftp server can be a risky ordeal, expecially if anonymous users may upload files to it. There are people out there that scan blocks of ips for such open servers and may use it to store illegal software, some of who may use tricky folder names such as ' ' (space). This quick article will explain how to remove such a folder/file on a Windows machine. 

mod dosevasive Apache Module How-To

by Wojjie (2004-08-06)
A quick how-to on installing the mod_dosevasive Apache Module. This module is very useful in combating certain DOS (denial of serivce) attacks, and is easy to implement. 

Code Injection Vulnerabilities Explained

by Wojjie (2004-07-30)
There has been a sudden increase of attacks on sites that have Code Injection vulnerabilites. Code Injection is a term used when code is injected straight into a program/script from an outside source for execution at some point in time. These type of vulnerabilities may be many times worse than any other vulnerability, since the security of the website, and possibly of the server, is compromised. 

Robots.txt Format

by Wojjie (2004-07-19)
When search engines crawl through the internet, they check for the existance of the 'robots.txt' file. This file tells the search engine what urls it should not crawl to, and has a simple file format. 

Troubleshooting Trick (PHP)

by Wojjie (2004-07-19)
An aspect of programming that can be difficult to grasp is the ability to fix problems within your own code. The difficult part is not when you run into a syntax error, but when the program compiles, but does not work exactly how it should. 

What is overselling?

by Wojjie (2004-07-12)
Overselling is a common business practice and can make your company much more competitive in the market if done wisely. Otherwise, the market may become over saturated if abused in a large scale, and may lead to your business going under. 

Adding new functionality to CPanel

by Wojjie (2004-06-27)
You want to build some new functionality into the existing CPanel control panel, but do not know where to start. Well, it can be quite easy with some knowledge of HTML and PHP. 

Setting up SIM (System Integrity Monitor)

by Wojjie (2004-06-20)
SIM (System Integrity Monitor) is a useful tool to monitor and ensure that services are running and responding. SIM can also be used to monitor system resources, and setup to send you email alerts. 

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