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Code Injection Vulnerabilities Explained

by Wojjie (2004-07-30)
There has been a sudden increase of attacks on sites that have Code Injection vulnerabilites. Code Injection is a term used when code is injected straight into a program/script from an outside source for execution at some point in time. These type of vulnerabilities may be many times worse than any other vulnerability, since the security of the website, and possibly of the server, is compromised. 

Common Mistakes and their Solutions

by Wojjie (2004-05-11)
About various common vulnerabilities found in PHP sites, and solutions on how to prevent them. 

Cross-Site Scripting

by Wojjie (2004-05-12)
Cross-Site Scripting is when a visitor is able to input html/javascript code inito a website and have it display this code. 

GET/POST Variable Manipulation

by Wojjie (2004-05-13)
When a visitor is able to cheat the website by modifying GET/POST variables that contain sensitive information and therefore change things that he/she should not be able to. 

SQL Injection

by Wojjie (2004-05-11)
SQL Injection is when a visitor injects SQL code that manages to get processed by the SQL server. 

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