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Internet Explorer 6&7 Bug/Crash

Author: Wojjie     Posted: 2006-10-30     Viewed: 20,020


I found this bug when I was developing a new site, and was testing using DOM to create new script elements dynamically. The code works without crashing in all browsers I have tried, except for Internet Explorer. I have tried this in both 6 and 7 with the same end result (though Internet Explorer 6's crash is much more nasty).


It appears there is problem when a script is dynamically loaded and calls a function to remove itself from the page multiple times. It appears that the this sequence of events has to be ran twice for it to happen, and a timer must be used to call the start of the second run (very weird).

Here is the code I have finally came up with and is demonstrated later on this page:

<script type="text/javascript">
var ranonce=false;
function c() {
 var r=document.createElement('script');'test';
 var hd=document.getElementsByTagName('head')[0];
function c3() {
 var hd=document.getElementsByTagName('head')[0];
 if (ranonce==false) {
 } else {
   var a=document.getElementById('browser');
   a.innerHTML='You are using a non IE browser or the bug has been patched!';
<a href="javascript: c();" id="browser">
	Click here to crash your IE browser

Contents of 'crash.js'


To trigger this application, you must make a call to the c() function, which should immediately crash IE.

Reproduction Attempts:

I have also tried variations of this code which seemed to have not worked the same way:

Please note, that the above example code is more lengthy than it has to be, and that an anchor is not required to execute the crash.


Click here to crash your IE browser


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