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Checking your site before it goes live [Windows]

by Wojjie (2005-04-16)
You want to test out your website before the domain resolves but are not sure how to do it. One way is to request a temporary subdomain from your host, or to setup your machine to resolve the domain to the correct IP before the actual DNS servers are updated. This article does just that, it tells you how to edit your hosts file. 

Complex Simplicity: The Art of Clean Web Design

by CPriest (2004-06-20)
Just because you can do something, does not necessarily mean that you must do that thing. A truly talented designer knows what not to use, and knows how to balance the presentation of information with the absence of clutter. 

Web font listings and previews

by Wojjie (2005-07-01)
A quick reference of fonts available for various browsers with previews of how the font looks like in your own browser. 

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